Who we are

We Are Praxon Informatics, we provide HR, benefits management, time and attendance, recruiting, and talent management working together in one system.

Put people at the center of your business.

Praxon Informatics provides Time and Attendance and HR and Payroll solutions, on-premise or in the cloud to small and midsize organizations throughout India are available. Praxon, in combination with allied experts in the areas of Time and Attendance, Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting, offer our customers years of combined experience to ensure our system’s design and operation achieve best-in-class performance. Our goal is to provide our customers world-class software product and consulting services. At Praxon, we follow the best industry standards and a methodical disciplined approach to assigning tasks and responsibilities within a development organization to meet its goals. Our goal is to ensure we provide a high-quality software product that meets the needs of its end users within a predictable time frame and low-cost budget.

All of our projects start with an in-depth examination of our customer’s requirements and objectives based upon our extensive knowledge of varied industries. Our unparalleled level of technical experience and product expertise, enables us to understand a wide range of technologies. We identify the best solution for an application, as well as, provide our customers the most cost-effective solution for their specific application. We make selecting the right software less overwhelming.

A successful implementation begins with a tried and true methodology. PraxisTime is a powerful rule based engine which enables employers to configure time and attendance rules & policies with ease.

Our Vision

Praxon vision is to establish a solid forefront position within the HRMS Software industry as a recognized leader providing visionary and highly innovative software business solutions to the global business community. We invest the time necessary to fully understand your organization’s requirements, recommend options, and deliver your ideal solution.

The Analysis Phase

Praxon reviews in detail the business requirements stated by the client in the initial discussions.

The Design Phase

Praxon Informatics, PraxisTime have been designed and built utilizing the latest technology and architecture and has therefore been built from ground up as completely Internet based application. Our solutions are available in “real-time” to all authorized users of the system.

Deployment Phase

Praxis Time allows two-way deployment of the product.

  • On Premises
  • Cloud

Implementation Phase

Utilizing the intuitive web interface of PraxisTime company’s policies and rules at the employee department or organizational level, can be easily configured. These rules are required to be configured once in the beginning. Once definitions are completed, they are applied to accurately calculate daily hours worked, identify exceptions such as tardiness, absences, over extended breaks, and posting of holidays and leave automatically to the employee timesheets.

In order to allow your company to continue to operate smoothly and successfully. Our in-house team of knowledgeable highly experienced support and training representative provide world class support when you need it most.

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