Leave Management

Control absence costs with automated solutions that help manage sick time, vacation time, and complex leave laws.

PraxisTime absence management solutions keep the cost of absence low and employee productivity high. Our automated solutions streamline complex labor laws, helping you stay compliant while reducing time-consuming administrative tasks. Manage sick time, vacation time, late arrivals, and more with full visibility, all in one place.

How can your organization efficiently manage your employee availability and absences?


  • Create any time off type appropriate for your business – vacation, sick leave, bereavement, and set accrual policies
  • Enable employees with easy time off requests and empower supervisors with intelligent approval workflows
  • Enjoy real-time insights into time off usage, balance, and liability data to make informed decisions

Controlling employee absence starts with automation.

You can't always control or predict employee absence. Praxis Absence Management empowers you with the visibility you need to reduce the cost of absence, keep productivity on track, and stay compliant with labor laws.

  • Alerts – Flag action items such as policy violations, potential FMLA cases, and time-off requests
  • Eligibility determination – Automated system determine eligibility for sick time, vacation, and FMLA
  • Proactive management – Identify workers with attendance issues so you can improve workforce productivity

Minimize the impact of employee leave on your organization

Praxis Absent Management is part of the fully integrated Time Tracking solution. It adds comprehensive leave of absence management capabilities to the Praxis Time Keeping and HR modules.

  • Accurate – Helps ensure leave cases are managed accurately and consistently to minimize litigation and grievances
  • Flexible – Configurable leave profiles include available categories, entitlement time, rules, and workflows for request/approval process
  • Simple – Employee self-service leave request simplifies and automates leave case creation
  • Integrated – Time entries and pay rules for leave cases are integrated with employee timesheets and schedules
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  • Biometric finger reader clock
  • Mobile-optimized Employee Self Service Web Time
  • Employee self-service timesheet
  • Software time clock
  • Data entry timesheet
  • Punch data imports from any POS systems


  • Automated daily and weekly overtime calculations
  • Preconfigured local rules with optional company overrides
  • Statutory holiday pay calculations
  • Punch rounding and tardy punch management rules
  • Employee time off / entitlement management
  • Shift premium rules
  • Employee assignment of position/s, position/s rates, position pay grades


  • Shift templates
  • Position schedules
  • Automate schedule generation
  • Schedule change notifications
  • Employee availability tracking
  • Monitoring employee compliance to schedule


  • Mobile-optimized Web Time with quick at-a-glance user punch history
  • Mobile-optimized Timesheets are intuitive and include an hours’ summary table
  • Maintain availability information
  • View schedules




  • Supervisor timesheet approvals
  • Create and manage employee schedule
  • Management Reports, Analytics and Dashboards
  • Standard reports
  • Custom Ad Hoc Reports


Winner of the coveted iF award for its superior design, DOOR series controllers are versatile devices designed for reliability, modularity and performance. These workhorses come in multiple variants specifically targeted at Time-Attendance and Access Control applications.

  • No interfaces to manage – common database with Time and attendance, Scheduling, Absence Management, and Self Service
  • Robust standard reports
  • Extensive ad hoc custom reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Access a quick visual snapshot of the information that matters most

PraxisTime reduces payroll errors and costly overtime, and improves workforce productivity by reducing manual and timely administrative tasks, freeing your staff for more value-added activities.

Accurate – Automated time-tracking and centralized policy management mean you’re audit-ready

Proactive -Real-time alerts let managers know they need to take action to avoid costly overtime

Intuitive -Easy-to-use features provide timely labor information and save considerable time and effort

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