Monitoring Workflow

Get The Insights You Needed for Effective Decision-Making With Ease. View and respond to the workflow requests you have received.

The PraxisTime’s workflow engine allows you to view and respond to the workflow requests you have received. Workflows are automated steps associated with a system request, such as a change to a person’s record. They may also include the calculation of employees time that is very unique to your organizations needs.

Every organization has critical information and transactions that require ongoing supervision. PraxisTime’s Alerts & Workflow, proactively monitors your organization’s HRMS data and identifies conditions that fall outside of your standard operating procedures. Pre-defined or event based events can be sent to subscribed users for necessary action.

PRAXIS Time Alerts & Scheduler:

Praxis Alerts & Workflow provides another way for your organization to automate business processes and ensure your organization does not overlook important business decisions :

  • Employee Absenteeism report for floor manager to reallocate resources.
  • Identify trends or problems across your entire business.
  • Approaching overtime to control budget overflows.
  • Shift change information to the concerned employee.

Schedule Manager can be used to automate email of any reports in the system. The reports would be emailed with the role based security.