Performance Management

A management process for ensuring employees are focusing their work efforts in ways that contribute to achieving the agency’s mission. It consists of three phases: (a) setting expectations for employee performance, (b) maintaining a dialogue between supervisor and employee to keep performance on track, and (c) measuring actual performance relative to performance expectations.

Put ongoing performance management at the heart of your talent strategy.

There are some good reasons why performance management programs fall short. Managers and employees see the annual review process as a negative once-a-year experience with a start and stop date, rather than a valuable ongoing feedback process.

Align Employee Performance With Company Goals

Then there's the challenge of linking your performance management to overall business success. Many companies just don’t do it.

But there's a better way. PraxisTime agile performance management solution includes everything you need to establish a culture of ongoing feedback and coaching so you can align, engage and inspire your people to achieve the results that matter to your business.

We make it easy to:

  • Configure agile performance management processes your way
  • Align employee goals with your business strategy
  • Build a culture of ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Promote career growth and continuous development
  • Use world-renowned competencies, best practices workflows, job descriptions and more Performance Management allows the user to manage the entire Performance Management Cycle

PraxisTime’s performance management allows user configurable multiple criteria performance evaluation forms. The measurement criteria and weightage assigned to each attribute is user defined. These metrics can be used with the analytical tool to compare the numbers across subset of employees.

Engage & develop your workforce with Talent Mgmt tools.

With PraxisTime, you can boost employee satisfaction – and control salary budgets – by linking performance with compensation. With an ONLINE system streamline the review process among employees, managers and HR. With built in Analytics tool compare the performance across multiple vectors.

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