Smart terminals for better user experience

Functionally, High performance and ease of use are the qualities that distinguish time and attendance terminals.

Our Time Attendance terminals match and exceed all the requirements of modern Labor Management applications. Our terminals are technologically advanced, easy to install and use. We offer devices which feature simple configuration and quick integration; as well as more advanced devices that offer multimedia capability and which are scriptable or programmable with most up-to-date programming languages.

You can choose the Matrix model to suit your needs from a wide range of models equipped with resistive touchscreen display and the possibility to integrate a fingerprint reader for identification or biometric verification.

COSEC door controllers

COSEC door controllers are the front-end terminals that people use during entry and exit. Door controllers read biometric credentials – palm vein, fingerprint or RF cards to log each entry/exit and control door locking. Door controllers are connected with the COSEC CENTRA server or site controller. They store all user access information and send entry-exit details to the COSEC CENTRA server in real-time. Door controllers can monitor and control additional readers, door locks and auxiliary input and output ports. The COSEC door controllers are divided into five series as mentioned below:


VEGA series door controllers are engineered with careful blend of aesthetics, size, connectivity, reliability and ease of use for modern enterprises. The VEGA devices are a perfect fit for Access Control and Time-Attendance solution required by modern organizations.

  • Optical Fingerprint Reader
  • Smartcards, NFC and Proximity Cards
  • 3.5” Touch Sense Colour LCD
  • IP65 for Outdoor Applications
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE
  • 500,000 Events Storage


COSEC DOOR PVR is a contactless technology that reads internal vascular pattern of the user palm and give accurate result to provide utmost security and hygiene. These patterns are unique to each individual and exists underneath the skin layer so they cannot be forged thereby making it more secure than any other biometric technology.

  • Contactless Reader
  • Palm Vein, RFID and PIN Credentials
  • 20,000 User Templates
  • 100,000 Event Storage
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE
  • Detachable Hand Guide for COSEC DOOR PVR
  • Standard Matrix Hand Guide for COSEC DOOR PVR ES


COSEC DOOR FMX makes use of advance multispectral fingerprint sensor. It reads surface and subsurface of a live finger and gives very clear and strong image. Furthermore, it reads subsurface layer even if the surface layer is not available due to dirty finger, dry finger, oily finger, poor ridge image or other environmental problems. This unique identification process outperforms all other fingerprint sensors and offers robust and reliable biometric information of the user.

  • Multispectral Sensor with Live Fingerprint Detection
  • Fingerprint and RFID card
  • Interactive GUI with 4.2” TFT Touch Screen
  • 500,000 Transactions and 50,000 Users
  • PoE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G (on USB)


Winner of the coveted iF award for its superior design, DOOR series controllers are versatile devices designed for reliability, modularity and performance. These workhorses come in multiple variants specifically targeted at Time-Attendance and Access Control applications.

  • Optical Fingerprint Reader
  • Smart Card and Proximity Cards
  • 128*64 Dot Matrix Display
  • Touch Sense Keypad
  • Ethernet, 3G/4G/LTE and USB Port
  • 500,000 Event Storage


Compact, robust and cost-effective PATH series door controllers blend in with any modern building architecture and design. These devices assure reliable and long term performance as sentries at the building gates and doors for Access Control application.

  • Optical Fingerprint Reader
  • Smartcards, NFC and Proximity Cards
  • IP65 for Outdoor Applications
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Power to Door Lock over PoE
  • Elegant and Compact
  • 9,600 Fingerprint Storage
  • 50,000 Events Storage



Power supply battery backup for the COSEC VEGA Door Controllers – useful at remote sites where connectivity is an issue.


Power supply battery backup for COSEC PATH Door Controllers – highly useful for mobile application and remote areas where there is scarcity of connectivity and power.

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