I Vikram Achar from Mangalore Jewellers would like to put it on record, that I am extremely delighted and satisfied with the Professional and outstanding service rendered by Praxon Informatics Pvt Limited, for the order we had place on them, for installing configuration and training on the biometric solution at a competitive price and state of art technology with Face and Finger Recognition System. Praxon Informatics Pvt Ltd have done an excellent job for us and we appreciate their remarkable passion, professionalism, prompt service and enthusiasm throughout the entire project.

M/s Praxon Informatics executed the entire project on the same day the order was placed without any compromise in the quality of work.

Although there could be many more commendations to be mentioned about Praxon Informatics, our appreciation is also extended to their dedicated and loyal staff who served us with systematic, enthusiastic and passionate for excellence and accomplished all their duties with great spirit and we would not hesitate to recommend their solution to any of our known Colleagues and Institutions.





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