Contract Employee

Hire employees to address the needs of Seasonal peaks. Maintain the part time employees data for security and compliance. With options to rehire the employees after mandatory cool off period.

Employee On Boarding

In order to hire Employees in PraxisTIme, you can first go through a New Hire wizard or you may skip this step all together and go straight to the Quick Hire screen where you can hire a new Employee in one single screen. With custom screen, add company specific employee information on the same form. Attach employee documents for quick access.

Quick Insights into employee info

Add a picture to the Name

File documents

PraxisTime supports not only regular Employees but will allow you to track any other type of Employees including Temporary Employees, Part-Time Employees, Independent Contractors etc. With multi company configuration you can maintain different set of employee policies as per the the requirement. With auto badge number generation, it automates creation of biometric ID for different set of employees.



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