Payroll Interfaces

Get real-time audited and approved data throughout the payroll process so you always have current information.

One Click Sync

Scheduled and on Demand

On Premise and Cloud compatible

Automate Your Payroll Process Today!

Payroll professionals know the stresses created when payroll comes due. Business Managers know the significance of errors in payroll calculation and the cost of time consumed calculating employee information and keying it into payroll. Praxon takes the next logical step in automating the process of doing payroll by allowing management to transfer hours directly to most popular payroll packages/services in the market today.

We know the significance of time saved and errors prevented during the payroll process. To that end, we’ve created a specialized PIM (Payroll Interface Modules) group dedicated to the development, testing, deployment and support of interfaces between Praxon and 3rd party applications for payroll, HR, ERP and others.

At the end of each pay period, depending on the payroll software to which the data will be transferred, using one of our interface modules, Praxistime will either create a file which your payroll software will import, use your payroll API’ or provide a customizable API which your payroll engine can invoke

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