Experience with Praxis Mobile App

Attendance with Geo Location & Face Detection feature to prevent Buddy Punching.

  • Employees can Punch In, Punch Out and send Time Requests to their Supervisor
  • Employees can enter Hours Worked and select appropriate Org Codes and Pay Codes on a daily basis
  • Employees can enter Transfer Punches based on Location, Department, Project and Job Code
  • Supervisors can view Employee Punch Activity and Employee Attendance Summary reports and details
  • Crew Punch – Allow Supervisors to enter Punches / Transfers for Individual or Employee Groups
  • Access PraxisTime remotely or when off-line
  • ESS

    Employee Self Service on mobile

  • Geo-Fence

    Define multiple Geo-Fence location to allow punch from within a designated perimeter

  • Timesheet

    Employee can review their timesheets on real time basis – will prevent last minute regularizations

  • Online / Offline support

    Punch information will be stored offline in case there is no network connectivity and will synched automatically once in the network range

  • Leave Request

    Multi level approval process for leave application and notification

Mobile App
  • Face Detect

    Use the face detect feature to prevent buddy punching

  • QR Code for Transfers

    Use QR codes to do quick job costing checkins

  • Schedule

    Employee can view their schedule on real time basis

  • Crew Punch

    On site managers can create multiple groups of employees and all can be punched in together


    Employees can scan their bills and do expense reporting from within the application